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We always look in one direction: beyond. To do this, always starting from our roots entrenched in tradition, we work for a new concept of innovation that can unite beauty and functionality, that evolves based on a digital model, and that approaches the world in a clear and responsible way. Innovation that allows our never-ending passion to go beyond the ordinary. In this way we create the future.



Marketing to support the development of our business is one of the key factors for our present and future success. We invest a significant part of our marketing budgets in activities directed to consumers and we are today focusing the greater part of our resources and renewed skills into digital and social marketing, which is and will continue to be the most important vehicle of communication, both because of the ability to adequately define the recipients of advertising, and because of the change in consumer habits.



We aim to deliver sales growth and margin expansion through a modern customer-centric and consumer-oriented business model, powered by a new digital transformation strategy. With our economic and financial targets, we aim to become a modern leader of the eyewear industry, a more balanced and profitable player across its markets, brands and product segments.

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